The Impossible Quiz

It is a pretty simple quiz game but according to statistics, 99% fail to complete even first 10 levels of the game. Are you smart enough to accept the challenge?

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The Impossible Quiz - What This Game Is About ?

The Impossible Quiz

Have you ever played an online quiz game which is very difficult but very simple at the same time ? If you don't understand what I am talking about, let me introduce the tricky quiz game which is called The Impossible Quiz and which is almost impossible to complete. When I said that this game is very difficult and at the same time very simple I means the type and meaning of questions in this game - they seem very easy when you read it for the first time, then you click the obvious answer and receive red cross - your answer is incorrect. In addition to the fact that the game have more then 100 different questions, it is unreal to achieve success in this quiz. But there is always a solution - with the information given at our website you will be able to fully understand the game and achieve some success.

So, The Impossible Quiz has a pretty simple gameplay which is familiar for everyone - the user reads the question and clicks one of 4 possible answers. If the answer is right, the user moves to another question. If the answer is wrong, you lose one life. When the number of lives goes to 0, the game is over. Even though that questions seem very simple, most people fail to find the right answers - that's because of the tricky manner of how they are build. The creators of the game did a really great job by making a mix of serious questions with funny possible answers and sometimes users just don't know to to take the quiz - seriously or in a funny manner. As a result, more than 95% can't complete even first ten questions.

Test Your Skills - Measure Your Intelligence.

Take The Impossible Quiz

I know that many people consider this game like some kind of measure for their intelligence - if someone answers all the questions he is very smart. In fact, the game was created as a prank where players can have some fun sitting together and answering all those questions(you can read more information about the history of this game below). To be honest, this game is really difficult but you can achieve success with several basic rules.

Rule 1. - Think Outside The Box

Many people fail to give the right answer because they are taking the quiz very seriously. The truth is that people who are able to think outside the box can achieve success here.

Rule 2. - Don't Rush

This rule may be common for all quiz games but here it is very important. Some of the questions may have two or more very similar answers - they can differ from each other in one letter or even dot. Even if you think that your answer is right, take your time and read the question once again - you may see the whole meaning from different angle.

Rule 3. - Have Fun.

The game was created to have fun so many questions here are built in a funny manner. The sooner you realize that fact, the faster you can achieve better results. In the end, it is just a game and as you know, games were invented to bring some fun to our lives so stop being a robot and smile.

Rule 4. - Do Not Cheat.

Cheating kills the whole gaming process. In fact, there are thousands of pages on the internet which provide the list of answers for this game but believe me - it is much more interesting to play this game without cheats and achieve success on your own. If you are stuck on the question, you can always find the specific answer and move on.

The History Of The Impossible Quiz.

Evolution Of Impossible Quiz
The first version of the game was uploaded to Newgrounds in February 2007. By this time, the game was considered as a very big one and it took a lot of time to load in the browser. As you know, by that time the whole market of online games used Flash. The first edition of the game had no success that's why the developers decided to cut all music files to make it light. This was a pretty nice solution - people became to play the game and share their thought about it. But the biggest success to the game came when a popular Youtube blogger Pewdiedie made a stream where he was playing this game and giving funny comments. After this video, the popularity of the game was so huge that it made it's way on the leaderboard of most gaming websites. Today with the popularity of HTML5 and the death of Flash, the game moved to new platform but the popularity of the game is going down day by day.

Platforms & Where To Play The Game.

As you might know, the initial platform for the game was SWF (Flash Player) but in 2020 all browsers decided to kill this out-dated software and push the developers to move to a more modern and secure platforms. As a result, most of the games have moved to Unity or HTML5. Our game now uses HTML and this means that it is available on all platforms, including web (our website) & also smartphones (Google Play,Apple Store). The game is absolutely free and you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Other Editions Of The Impossible Quiz & Future Plans.

Quiz Book

After the huge success of the first part of the game, the developers pulished the second edition of the game which also had more than 100 new questions and offered some new features. For example, in the second edition of the game there are some questions where you have to do some actions to reveal the answer. There are not many questions like these, but all of them are pretty interesting and funny. Even though that the second edition of the game was popular, the main reason of it was the hype of first part. Later the developers have released a special edition of the game which was called The Impossible Quiz Book which had 3 chapters - about 30 questions in each chapter but the game had low rating. Some of them are still available to play, while others died with the death of Flash player in 2020.

According so some news, the author of the game is working on new version of the game with even more interesting and tricky questions but there are not so many true information about it. We will update as soon as we get some news about the dates of release.

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